The Cyberpunk District in Decentraland

Community Project Proposal Submission

This form is for submitting proposals for the use of Community land in the Aetheria Disrtrict of Decentraland.
The template linked below provides information about the requirements for proposals.
Proposals submitted by Dec 31, 2018, 23:59 UTC, will be considered in the preliminary layout of the district.
Proposals will be accepted after that date, but will be considered on an "as time and space allows" basis.

It is important that you give us real email and Discord IDs so that we can follow up with you either way.

What do you propose to do be done on Community Land:
The best described projects with full proposals get priority placement.

You must also provide a more comprehensive proposal document.
It must consist of a proposal document file, based on the following template:

Word Doc version of template:!AsefCwvzCO50kZYEMloi1Lf1q3m5YA

Google Docs version of template:

Download the template, upload it to your own cloud storage, edit it to complete your proposal, and create a URL link to the cloud proposal doc that has "anyone with link can comment" permissions.

In the following two fields, place the following URLs:

1. A URL link to your proposal document (Google Doc or OneDrive .docx) with the permissions set to "anyone with link can comment"

2. A URL link to a PDF of the same document. You can save your Google doc or Word docx file as a PDF, upload it to the cloud with "anyone with link can read" permissions, and provide the pdf URL link here:

In the following two fields, please indicate the Length and Width, IN PARCELS, of your proposed project land plot.
For example if you are proposing a 6 Parcel plot, you could put Length=6 and Width=1, or Length=3 and Width=2.

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