The Cyberpunk District in Decentraland

Building In Aetheria

This page provides guidance for how to build Decentraland scenes for Aetheria.

This guidance is intended for:
* Operators of Privately-Allocated plots
* Builders of Community projects.

Using Privately-Allocated Land

Those who elected, during the Allocation period, to have some Privately Allocated Land can and should now proceed to do the following things:

  1. Read the Aetheria Design and Implementation documentation, to see where your Privately-Allocated Land was placed and to get an overview of how to make use of your land.
  2. Use the Claim app to assign your contributor wallet to have the role of Land Update Operator for your privately allocated parcels. This must be done before you can deploy content to your privately-allocated land.
  3. Learn how to build Decentraland scenes for Aetheria. There are now many good resources for doing this. Alternatively, hire a builder to build to your specs. Many resources for learning how to build are available on the Building page of this site.
  4. If you wish to use, in your scene, the black reflective tile that was used as default ground cover in Aetheria, you can find a copy at:
  5. Deploy your build to your privately-allocated land.
  6. To quickly find the location where your privately-allocated land was placed, use:
  7. Be sure to submit your scene to the Aetheria Directory.

Building scenes and content in Aetheria

If you elected to allocate some Privately Allocated Land, please use the steps above to build something on your land now. It would be great to get at least an initial content build deployed to each of the privately allocated plots in 2020. Plots can always be improved upon or completely changed by you, over time.

The Aetheria district leadership team has deployed ground cover tiles to the entire district, and is working on creating content for the Fractus Club at the center of the district, and other community content.

People who wish to propose projects to be built on Community Land may visit the Community page on this site, and submit a proposal there.

Community Projects

If you wish to propose and build a project on Aetheria Community Land, visit the Community page to submit a proposal, or offer your skills to existing projects or to the Aetheria leadership team via Discord.

Learning Resources for Decentraland Builders

There now exist many fine resources for building scenes in Decentraland.
Here are some of the best ones:

Decentraland Documentation

Contains very comprehensive documentation on all aspects of building for Decentraland, including both a Builder tool and a Software Development Kit (SDK), as well as sample scenes and tutorials

Building Virtual Reality Scenes in Decentraland

This is a free online course, offered by Decentraland University, that takes you from first steps through fairly advanced scene building

Decentraland Instructional Videos

Content Resources

Here are search result lists of low poly cyberpunk resources that are compatible with Blender (hence can be exported from Blender as .glb or .gltf as required in Decentraland)

Some models you find on sites may certainly be too complex. Be aware of the Decentraland Scene Limits.

Some may have materials that need editing to be compatible. Blender can edit materials, and often gets the materials pretty close to Decentraland material requirements when you import from some other format.

If you need help, try the learning materials linked above, or ask for help from others that know how to do this. Discuss these matters in the Building channel of the Aetheria discord server.

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