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Land in Aetheria

Historical Background

During the Decentraland district contribution period, which occurred during the Decentraland Terraform event in 2017, 873 Wallets contributed 10,005 Land parcels to the Aetheria project.

In 2018, Decentraland transferred the ownership of District Parcels to the operating entities of the districts, but placed them in a lockup contract that prevents the districts from selling or otherwise transferring the land. 10,005 parcels in the North East quadrant of Decentraland were transferred to Aetheria district control, making it the largest district in Decentraland.

Land in Aetheria is owned by the District, is not currently transferable, and is expected to remain owned by the District for the foreseeable future.

Land in Aetheria is of two types:

* Community Land – land that is managed by the district, for public spaces and for various district projects, some of which should generate revenue for the district. The district intends to pay royalties, as documented in the original Aetheria Startup Plan, to contributors whose land is in the Community Land pool.

* Privately-Allocated Land – land that is allocated to contributors who elected to use some land in Aetheria for their own private content builds.

During 2018 and extended for a good portion of 2019, people who had contributed to Aetheria were able to participate in an online “Allocation Event’ on the website. During this period, they could optionally designate some number of parcels, out of their original contributed parcels number, for their own private use. This is what is known as Privately-Allocated Land. Privately-allocated is land that is not owned by the contributor (remember that all land in Aetheria is owned by the district), but the contributor can build on it, or otherwise use or monetize the use of the land as they please, within technical limits. 217 Contributors indicated their allocation preferences between Privately Allocated Land and Community land, and contributors who did not participate in the Allocation Event became Community Land contributors by default. Over 3700 parcels of Aetheria Land become Privately-Allocated Land in this process, and the rest of the Aetheria parcels are in the Community Land Pool.

As part of the Allocation Event submissions, contributors who elected to allocate some land for their private use were strongly encouraged to submit a proposal for how they planned to use the land, with as much detail as possible. This was so that the process of assigning where privately-allocated plots would be placed in Aetheria by the district leadership could make as much sense as possible in a coherent urban design, a process which was not simple and took substantial time on a volunteer basis by the district leadership team but was completed in early 2020.

Land Placement Documentation

Decentraland opened to the public in February of 2020, and in March of 2020 the district leadership released the Aetheria Design and Implementation documentation, showing where all the Privately Allocated land was placed within the district, as well as roads, public spaces and the Fractus Club and spaces for future community projects. This documentation, together with linked maps and historical design documentation, provides the contributors of Privately-Allocated Land the ability to see where their plots are located.

How do I find the location of my Privately Allocated Land?

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How do I get the Coordinates of an Aetheria Deed NFT?

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