The Cyberpunk District in Decentraland

DEED and COM Tokens Explained

Aetheria is tokenizing certain rights within the district.

There are two token types explained here:

1. DEED tokens.

There has been some confusion about the “DEED” tokens that have been issued by the Aetheria district, so please read this explanation carefully.

This token provides scene deployment rights for the corresponding Land parcel in the Aetheria District of Decentraland.
The DEED token is NOT a Decentraland Land or Estate token, and does not confer ownership of a Land or Estate.
This is also dococumented at

How it works:
a. an original contributor who elected to operate some private land, during the land allocation event, can claim DEED tokens for those parcels.

b. DEED tokens can be sold or traded, including on OpenSea.

c. When a DEED token moves into a wallet, there is a smart contract action behind the scenes that grants that wallet “LandUpdateOperator” rights for the corresponding parcel.

Question: How do I determine which parcel a particular DEED token provides deployment rights to?

The answer is provided in this section of our Design and Implementation document:

2. COM tokens.
This token has not been created yet, but in the future will be created and used to manage rights relating to Community pool land in Aetheria.

For more details, read the Aetheria Tokenization Plan.

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