The Cyberpunk District in Decentraland

Early Preview of Aetheria District with Fractus Club

We have stood up an early A-Frame preview of Aetheria.

It conforms to the earlier preliminary draft layout map, but is likely to change, perhaps a lot, with further input from urban design and from the land allocation process.

Here are two spawn points into the preview:

1. Standing on the East-West road south of the Aetheria district, looking north up the road to the Fractus Club pyramid

Click on the scene. Then you can move using the WASD keys, and turn using the mouse.

2. Standing on the road near to the south entrance of the Fractus Club

You can enter the Fractus Club pyramid by walking through the white door.

As you can see, it is a very large district!


As a reminder, here is an image of a very preliminary layout map of Aetheria that will surely be changed, perhaps radically, after the allocation event…

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