The Cyberpunk District in Decentraland

Land Allocation – Pre-Event-Version

Those who contributed Land to Aetheria during the Decentraland district contributions period in 2017 will have an opportunity to allocate portions of their land to private-use and/or community/district use, during an Land Allocation Event that will be announced soon in the Contributors Channel of the Aetheria Discord server. Discussion, FAQs, and other information is provided there.

If you were a land contributor to Aetheria, and if you haven’t already joined the Discord server and read the pinned messages there about how to join the contributor information channel, please do…
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It is not possible to buy land in Aetheria at this time, although there may be ways to have land to use in the future.

If you did not contribute land, but would like to get involved in helping to build Aetheria, we need you….
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